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We have expertise in Will Administration, Formal Administration, Summary Administration, and Ancillary Summary Administration.

In most cases, Probate will be necessary to distribute the assets of a person who has passed away in Florida or owning assets in Florida.

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Probate is the formal term for the process of distributing an individual’s assets when a person passes away with or without a Will. 

A probate action is necessary for the beneficiaries to gain access to the following assets:

Bank accounts with no beneficiaries

Financial investment accounts with no beneficiaries

IRA’s with no beneficiaries

Life insurance policies with no beneficiaries

Real estate not jointly owned

Personal property of the deceased

After the court establishes a valid Will is in existence, the court will admit the decedent’s Will to probate and order the assets to be distributed in accordance with the provisions of the Will.

If there is no Will in existence at the time of death, the Court will follow Florida law to determine who the proper heirs of the decedent are, and will order the assets of the decedent to be distributed to the rightful heirs.

Florida Law Requires an Attorney in Most Probates

In almost all formal probates, Florida law requires the assistance of a Florida probate lawyer.

If you are not sure if you need to open probate or if the probate will require an attorney, please feel free to call the office and we can discuss that with you.

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